Our Story

Genhead, which is a subsidiary of Riley Innovation, LLC, was founded in early 2023, when Patrick Riley, a successful businessperson, Nikki Lee, a marketing guru (she’s too humble to admit it), and Jack Riley, a talented software developer came together.  They came together to solve a simple, yet challenging problem: how do we find, attract and nurture buyers to a company?


In early 2023, Patrick Riley owned the largest IT Training company in Wisconsin and managed 3 locations, working with the largest companies in the state, including Northwestern Mutual, the State of Wisconsin, American Family Insurance, EPIC, the University of Wisconsin and hundreds of others. His company upskilled them in a variety of technical competencies, including VMware, Cisco, Microsoft Tech, AWS, RedHat and much more.  Nikki Lee was the companies’ CMO, and was growing their customer base.  One day Jack Riley came to them and explained that he had programmed an AI algorithm that would scour the internet and find IT professionals who were ready, willing and able to buy IT training from their company.  Patrick was skeptical, but Nikki saw the future, and adopted Jack’s AI into her marketing processes.  None of them knew it at the time, but this is when Gen 1.0 was born.


Nikki and Jack worked together to create a combined AI + marketing process that generated so many qualified leads, the company struggled to keep up with the supply (a great problem to have).  While this was happening, Pat, Jack and Nikki started discussing other markets for this process, and what might be needed to build a sustainable business. Pat, being a savvy entrepreneur, understood that we needed a complete solution for Genhead’s customers, not just a piece of the puzzle, so Genhead partnered with a leading CRM and Marketing Automation developer to be able to develop Gensuite, a comprehensive SaaS suite of tools that coupled with the front-end AI and marketing solution, provides clients with a total solution to find, attract, nurture, track, market, research, and grow their new customer base.  Genhead was born.

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Patrick believed in Genhead so much that he sold his training business that he had owned for over a decade to focus on this new endeavor.  Gen 1.0 gave way to Gen 2.0 and Gen 3.0 as our AI became more and more focused on finding the exact persona that their clients needed.  Initially, Genhead started with just a few clients, but have now grown to serve multiple clients in a variety of industries.

What does Genhead do?  Genhead has built the AI-powered sales funnel of the future!   Genhead helps clients grow their business by providing leads so good they sell themselves, along with the SaaS to manage the entire process from their mobile device.  Genhead uses Gen, their proprietary AI model to find prospects that are ready to purchase your product or service.  Then those AI-selected leads are entered into a customized marketing funnel, with automation built just for you to allow your prospects to automatically select to engage with you further.  When that happens, you are coached on how to best engage with your new buyer-ready contacts on how to convert them immeadity into your newest customers!  Best of all your very own SaaS is giving you visibility, oversight, reporting and actionable analysis throughout the process and the ability to manage customer activity after converting them!

Genhead is the future. 

Today, you cannot be successful buying lists from somewhere and sending out emails hoping they will work 3% of the time.  Your market is too sophisticated for that.  You need an edge.  You need something that will set you apart from your competition.  We believe that “thing” is information.  Data is the new oil.  Whoever controls the data, controls the future.  Genhead gives you the opportunity to have the data you need on your market, and the action you need to nurture that market, and the tools you need to manage your customers moving forward.

“This is our story.  This is who we are.  We are not the biggest company that is working in AI, but I can promise you that we ARE amongst the hardest working, most innovative and most personable group you can choose.  If you are serious about growth, let’s talk.  Thank you.”

Pat Riley, CEO Genhead

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