We've Built The AI Powered Sales Funnel Of The Future

We combine technology and engagement to create leads so good they sell themselves."

Simply put, we are using AI to find leads, then using Marketing Automation to nurture those leads into buyer-ready personas and THEN delivering them to our customers to close new sales.  All of our services are wrapped up in our SaaS CRM, Gensuite.

We are allowing small and medium sized businesses to actually leverage AI for the first time to aquire their perfect new customers quickly and affordably.  Contact us today for a free consultation on how we can help you!

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What Will You Get


AI Lead Invention

Through latest innovative AI algorithm and keyword from millions of simulations, we generatee the most precise and productive lead with AI for your business.


Marketing Magic

Our results can only be described as nothing but. With AI's limitless knowledge and data collection ability, our data, approach and methods are nothing but the latest at all times.


Client SaaS

Get full access to simplifies and easy to understand data, info and updates online on any device.

Who is Genhead?

We are bringing the power of AI to the masses and helping businesses of all sizes grow faster than they thought possible!


what our clients say

We strive every day to make our client's businesses grow faster than they ever thought possible by leveraging AI, Marketing Automation, and CRM.

Come join us today!

Leighann L

"I launched my business nearly a year ago and working with Genhead to assist was one of the greatest decision I made, not only have they been instrumental in helping me create a clear path to buyer ready leads they have offered me with a powerful tool (my CRM) to automate my marketing, social media posts, pipeline management and so much more. Working with Nikki and Pat has been a game changer."

Michael F

“Your team at Genhead has been instrumental in helping me launch and manage several projects. The professionalism and expertise I’ve experienced have gone above and beyond my expectations I couldn’t have done it without you guys, thank you!”

Let's Work Together to grow your business