Marketing Magic from Genhead

Once we have our curated, AI-created list of potential buyers from Gen, then our marketing team gets to work.  Their job?  To nurture these potential buyers and convert them to folks who are ready, willing and able to purchase your product or service now.  In addition to the secret sauce of our AI, this stage is incredibly important, and customized to YOUR market, product and service, based on what Gen tells us.  Here are some examples of the work that is done at this stage for you by Genhead:

Marketing Campaign Optimization

Email Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

We work with our clients to help create high-value content that drives traffic through the buyer journey that we create for them. Remember, we are both high-touch and high-tech.  Here are some common examples of content we create for our clients:

Chatbots and Virtual Assistants:

Remember that the key to successful digital marketing is understanding your audience, delivering value, and building relationships. It’s an ongoing process that requires adapting to changing market dynamics and staying up-to-date with the latest trends in the digital space.  To keep all of this data organized and give you visibility and process control of your data, we offer Gensuite, our Saas CRM+ solution.  Gensuite is the hub that our AI and marketing efforts resides.

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